b is for…

baño. i know what you’re thinking. every country has bathrooms, mariah. why would you write a blog post about the ones in argentina? well, first things first, travelling the world and scouting out local bathrooms might teach you more than you think. *insert anecdote of my first experience with japanese hole in the ground bathrooms at the ripe age of 13, incredibly exhausted after my first transoceanic flight.* here’s what i love to hate about argentine bathrooms:

1. no toilet paper. bring your own roll, a pack of tissues or yes, i’m going to say it, shake dry. don’t go anywhere expecting them to provide you with papel higiénico. even some nicer reatuarants won’t provide proper cleaning supplies, shall we say.

2. no soap. quickly here you learn to always carry hand sanitizer. or just scrub really hard with the freezing cold water. yeah, bring the hand sanitizer.

3. mens and womens bathrooms all in one. i’ve been in a couple bars/boliches that have one bathroom for everyone. privacy clearly not an issue in this country.

4. bidets. yes, bidets,  like a classy hotel in italy might have. they’re here too. haven’t exactly spent my time figuring how to use it, but its there. the bidets were definitely on the list of things to be careful with that our director shared with us during our first couple days in buenos aires. hense my apprehension.


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