foto del día – 11.9.11

yesterday afternoon at about 7pm i received a message from one of the IFSA program staff warning us about the zonda alert that had been put on the city of mendoza. the last time the zonda came to town, i really didn’t think it was that bad, i thought the locals were just overreacting and looking for an excuse to cancel class or the couple hours of post-siesta work. well, i will admit, i was wrong. the zonda is terrible. i was making my way downtown yesterday afternoon when dust started flying around and creating tornado like clouds on the streets and sidewalks, leaves and small branches started falling from the trees, and the entire trolley system shut down around town. i actually understood why carlos had insisted that we try to stay inside and that if we go outside we should be careful for cables and trees. i arrived and my destination eyes full of dirt, mouth full of little particles, and my nose filled with nasties. everyone was miserable. since i was inside most of the night away from the windows where i could have watched the zonda take over the city, i didn’t really understand how truly bad this week’s version of the zonda was until i got home late last night and noticed a large tree had been uprooted across the street from my house. a LARGE tree. just lifted right out of the ground. that’s how bad the zonda was.

didn’t believe me when i said the zonda was bad? well here are  a couple pictures to prove it.

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