d is for…

diario uno. i learned a very interesting fact in my social control and violence class this week that really left me thinking. diario uno, one of mendoza’s five news sources , in comparison to the rest of the news sources in mendoza presents the highest number of stories regarding the insecurity and lack of safety in this country. what that means, for example, is that they publish, more than any of the other news sources, stories about robbery, burglary, murder, etc.

what is incredibly interesting about this fact is that the owners of diario uno are also the owners of at least one private, gated and guarded neighborhoods in town. they are also the owners of a private security company that provides home of neighboorhood vigilance.

interesting, no? tell people A LOT about the insecurity of this town (which is, by the way, a lot more secure that any local will ever tell you), get them to, in response to fear, purchase a home in a private neighborhood or hire private vigilance for their protection. sounds like one big business cycle scam if you ask me.


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