h is for…


this is what i came home to last night… actually this morning. the fridge open. almost all of the food out, save for a few odds and ends. for what you ask? to get rid of that giant piece of ice that had formed along the back wall. makes sense, right? well yes i guess it was necessary, but the entire kitchen floor was also flooded with water. and good thing it was light out when i got home or otherwise i might have slipped and broke an arm. i don’t know if there would be a better way to do unfreeze the refrigerator, but being that its my last week here, i’m finding myself incredibly fed up with all of susy’s little antics. there is very little food in the house (we haven’t had ANY fruit or vegetables in a good 4 days) and today she said she doesn’t want to go to the store because its too hot. so instead, she’s sitting outside in the blistering sun in her bikini.


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