alguien me quiere.

after two flights, a bus, and a taxi ride but absolutely no travel hiccups, i arrived yesterday afternoon to our hotel, greeted by three lovely faces – three of the wonderful girls i met from my program in mendoza. here i am, 10am, sitting on the balcony of our hotel, overlooking this beautiful property in punta del este, uruguay. i just slept for ten least. i’m eating papaya and kiwi for breakfast and last night for dinner had the MOST gorgeous greens in my LIFE. this place is gorgeous. and although its not quite high tourist season, yet, i can just imagine how great this town will be in the next couple of months. if you need me, i’ll be by the pool or at the beach until the 8th.

thursday around 4pm i officially finished up all of my academic duties for my semester abroad in mendoza. relatively speaking i had quite an easy semester in mendoza, but was thrown multiple curve balls at school with the language and cultural differences that affected all aspects of my time in argentina. wouldn’t change it for a thing. and even though i complained, the classes that i chose to take really enhanced my experience. taking a literature class was something i will never do again, but thoughout the course of the semester i greatly improved my ability to understand entire novels based on their google resumenes. my social work class was a challenge, simply because of the heavy influence of law. having a professor who is a human rights lawyer turned out to be one of the most eye opening experiences of my time in mendoza. and my improv class. well if you’ve been following my blog, you know that class was one of the hot topics of my semester. turned out not so bad, after all. yes, i got by with the minimum passing grade on my midterm, yes, i made a fool out of myself PLENTY of times and yes, i worried and worried and sometimes dreaded going to that class. but, all in all it was a great experience.

i just planned a trip to visit one of argentina’s most prized national landmarks, iguazú falls. not only did i plan that trip, i just happen to be making it up there during the full moon, so i’m planning on witnessing their splendor under december’s full moon. i absolutely cannot wait.

after the falls, i’ll be wrapping up my south american adventure in buenos aires. exactly where my experience started almost five months ago. i can’t believe how fast time has gone by. time flies when you are having fun, there is no doubt about it. hopefully it’ll be less of a whirlwind this time around. i won’t be quite as thrown off by the porteño accent, and i’ll have gained a few navigation instincts in order to conquer argentina’s beast of a capital, hopefully!

i don’t have the words to express all of my love for the city, the people, and the culture of mendoza. these last five months have been full of ups and downs, countless laughs, a few tears, a little studying, lots of travelling, meeting new people, seeing new places, countless bottles of wine and nights on aristides – all of which i never want to forget. thanks to those who have been a part of my experience – for showing me mendoza, for sharing meals with me, for discussing taboo topics, for teaching me about the latino value of family, and for having unconditional amounts of patience on days where i struggled to produce coherent spanish sentences. i owe my experience to you.

no tengo las palabras para expresar todo mi agradecimiento para la ciudad, la gente y la cultura de mendoza. estos cinco meses han sido llenos de muchos momentos buenos y unos momentos malos, risas ilimitadas, unas lagrimas, pocos estudios, muchos viajes, conocimientos de nuevas caras, visitas de nuevas lugares, muchas botellas de vino y noches en aristides – todos momentos que nunca quiero olvidar. gracias a todos quienes han sido parte de mi experiencia – por haberme mostrado mendoza, por haber compartido cenas conmigo, por haber discutido la politica y la religion, por haberme enseñado el valor latino de la familia y por haber tenido paciencia incondicional en días que no podía crear no una oración completa en castellano. les debo mi experiencia.

also, thank you to all of my wonderful friends and family at home, and around the world, for that matter. thanks for skyping and letting my vent when i was having a bad day (that one’s especially for my parents). thanks for the kind words and support of my personal journey these past five months. i am looking forward to being stateside again and catching up with all of you. thanks again, also, to whoever is taking care of me upstairs. alguien me quire mucho. someone really loves me.


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