español. te extraño.

i just got home from my first spanish class in america; exploring the amazon: a literary, filmic, and ethnographic journey. and during that first short, introductory, syllabus day class, i quickly realized… i have missed spanish, SO SO MUCH. i miss, as much as i thought i wouldn’t, the grammar, the articles, the conjugation, and the reflexive verbs. more though, i miss the CULTURE of the language. the emotion and the passion that i have never been able to find in my lengua natal, english.

asique aqui estoy, menos de un mes despúes de mi regresa a los estados unidos con tantas ganas para hablar en español. tantas ganas para la cultura, la amistad y la maravilla que encontré en la argentina. estoy emocionada para esta clase – no solo para lo que voy a aprender sobre la amazonía, sino también para ahogar de nuevo en la cultura que viene con la lengua española.

hasta pronto! feliz miercoles!


here we are in 2012. i’m preparing myself for more and enjoying having already experienced another round of firsts: the first few nights in my new house with wonderful roomates. the first meal in my new kitchen. the first stop to the DU bookstore and a the first couple hundred of what i’m sure will be close to five hundred dollars down the drain. the first class of winter quarter. my first test of the accounting core. the first homework assignments. the first episode of the 2012 bachelor season. and the list goes on. so many firsts. its amazing how in such a familiar place; the city where i have been spending nine months of the year for the past two years, can be filled with so many new experiences and opportunities.

cheers to a great 2012; a year of hard work, countless opportunities, great friends, and endless, fearless exploration.