give BIN 1884 a kickstart!

walking along pearl street this afternoon (on our way to have a delicious PARK BURGER) my friend paige and i decided to stop into the empty bottle; a boutique wine shop that sells wines between 10 and 30 dollars. although the shelves were a little bare, we had a nice chat with annie, who was working this afternoon.

she told us about bin 1884, the new cheese bar they are planning on opening off of their shop with the gracious help of friends, family, and hopefully a few kickstarter strangers. they are really excited about the potential of BIN 1884 and have really great things planned for when it does open. so, take a few seconds and, if you have a few bucks, fund their project on kickstarter! if you cant pitch in monetarily, spread the word with your friends. this to go deli and sit down eatery and wine shop would be an excellent addition to the pearl street neighborhood.


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