heat wave? ice cream cures that.

friday, june 22nd: 100° F

saturday, june 23rd: 102°F

sunday, june 24th : 101°F

it’s been a little warm here in denver this past week. and by a little warm i mean scorching. what better way to eradicate the heat that a trip to the infamous little man ice cream shop in the highland neighborhood of denver.

their brandied peach sorbet is to die for. a good friend of mine, gergana, had the lemon-lime sorbet; the perfect tart ice cold treat for a day like yesterday!

for only $1.99, the little man kiddie scoop was the perfect amount of peach perfection to whisk away at least some of yesterday’s perspiration. and what’s even better about little man? locally sourced, seasonal, and organic ingredients combined in small batches to produce some of the best ice cream, gelato, and sorbet around.

if you’re in denver this summer, i highly recommend a trip! it’s even accessible by footbridge from the end of the 16th street mall!

stay cool, denver!

3 thoughts on “heat wave? ice cream cures that.

  1. Thanks for the tip! I will definitely have to check this humble ice cream shop out. My coworkers at Dish swear by their sorbet! Since us Coloradoans can’t enjoy our usual outdoor activities this summer, all we can do is find other ways to beat the heat! All I’ve managed to do thus far is slug around in the AC and record everything I can think of on my Hopper DVR to avoid ever leaving the house. My record button is starting to fade and it’s only the beginning of July! Luckily, I have tons of recording space to last me the rest of the summer and then some. Let me know if you have any other good spots around town to escape the heat!

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