LINGER – food worth waiting for.

late night (south american late) meals are WONDERFUL, i’ve decided. yes, i’m ravenous by the time the food hits the table. BUT, somehow i’ve come to appreciate a meal’s tardiness every once in a while. so why a late night meal this past week? no, i wasn’t busy all day. no, i didn’t have to watch my asado slow roast for four hours. no, i wasn’t waiting for guests to arrive. so what was it, then? a chalk-full reservation list. LINGER was booked straight through until 10pm. but believe me – it was worth the wait. here are a few reasons why.

ONE: a good friend on mine – one of the sweest and most passionate people i’ve ever met, who has a love for jesus, life, and the people in it stronger than i’ve seen in a long time – was in town visiting. i got to enjoy dinner in her fabulous presence. she just got  new job, by the way and i can’t wait to see where she will go from here. (love you, em!)

TWO: the food was AMAZING. my mouth is watering as i sit here writing this. emily had always sworn by the place. but i don’t think i really understood its brilliance until i tasted the first bit of coconut buttered popcorn they slipped onto one table as we sat down. and it was only uphill from there. mouth-watering deliciousness in every bite. so what exactly was all of this deliciousness? small plates, perfect to share and be able to enjoy a few different things from the expansive menu. to start: that coconut buttered popcorn that i mentioned – perfectly moist with a sweet butter with the right amount of crunch and the perfect not-too-heavy pre-meal munch. then: crispy-lentil apple salad, oh yum. fried lentils. goat cheese. apples. crispy lettuce. pistachio puree. then: we almost ordered the sesame BBQ tacos. and then the waiter asked if we had heard about the special: goat tacos, chimichurri sauce, pickled onions and feta cheese. and yes, of course we tried it. i was hesitant, but they were DELICIOUS. the corn tortillas with perfectly braised goat, feta cheese and a little kick. i would definitely order those again. and lastly: wagyu burger sliders. the most tender, perfectly cook burgers with a curried sour cream sauce, peppered bacon, and cheddar and delicious waffle cut sweet potato friend served with chipotle ketchup.

THREE: everything at linger is done with purpose. each ingredient, spice, and flavor adds something to the meal. i would highly recommend making a special trip to the highlands just to visit linger – the outrageously delicious mortuary (water served in formaldehyde-esque  bottles being the only remnants of the previous inhabitants) turned eatery.

FOUR: and this place has more than just great food to offer. their service is fabulous. 75% of the restaurant was built and finished with reclaimed, reused, and recycled materials. local, organic, and sustainable products are used except in cases what that is just not possible. and they compost everything they can.

and of course, after dinner we had to make a pit stop below linger at little man ice cream. what did i try this time? honey banana and peach. SO DELICIOUS. my mouth hasn’t been that happy in a long time.

thanks emily for showing my one of your favorite places. the next time any of YOU – friends or family – are in town, you know where i am gong to take you. and if you’re not okay with a south american style cena – let me know when you book your flight and i’ll make us a reservation.


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