hace un año.

one year ago today, i left for argentina. i left to begin what turned out to be the best six months of my life. i can’t believe it’s been a whole year since i arrived in buenos aires: a city full of life, energy and a whole lot  of spanish speaking people. i didn’t know what to expect. during my six months in argentina, my expectations were exceeded, my life was changed.

i was scared, excited, and anxious to explore. i am a different person today (although it may seem cheesy) because of the time that i spent in argentina. my spirit is much more adventurous, my mind is more open. i have a passion for spanish and a strong desire to return to south america. i have a new set of friends, a new family, and a new love for latin culture.

life came full circle this weekend, as it always seems to do. i met manuel – a colorado farmer at the cherry creek farmers market. he explained perfectly to me the truest value of the latin culture, one that i saw clearly during my time in argentina. the value of friends and family. manuel never attended school past the second grade, never understood the value of education and started working at a very young age. he got into selling drugs and for twenty years he made money. and lots of it. but yesterday, manuel said something that really stuck. something to the essence of: ‘i’ve been here for a while now. i’m a farmer. i don’t make a lot of money. but i have peaches galore, a happy heart, and a wonderful family. and that is all that matters.’ so so so true. and i thank argentina for teaching me that.

i will be back in argentina. i don’t exactly know when, but it will be soon. and i can’t wait for the day that i can explore again the country that will forever be mi querida país.


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