a mocha at the laughing latte.

this afternoon, i was sitting at my newest exploration: the laughing latte. here are my thoughts. from journal to blog.. please excuse the tense changes.

i haven’t even had a sip of the iced mocha i just ordered and i already love this place. located in my new favorite neighborhood, the highlands, this quaint coffee shop is the perfect hideaway. excellent service, to boot – the barista just brought my drink right to my table. we’re not at starbucks anymore, folks. windows looking out onto the intersections of 32nd and Tejon, i have a great view of the neighborhood outside. although the afternoon clouds have rolled in, the buildings around me are gorgeous and i can’t even begin to imagine the stories they could tell. to top off this exploration, the mocha is great! there is a large aroma and taste wheel on the wall; explaining to coffee connoisseurs the flavors behind their drink. aside from the color wheel, which takes me back to ms. olive’s elementary school art class, the walls are bare – a wonderful terracotta coat of paint brightens the atmosphere. only bummer about this place? the internet access sucks (that’s why i’m not actually posting this until now). maybe it’s just my computer, but i couldn’t seem to connect. good thing i don’t mind writing in my journal here the old fashioned way. there is something relaxing, something fascinating about writing down thoughts on paper. something i rarely do anymore thanks to our tech-savvy world. its quiet here this saturday afternoon – just me and the barista. about a half a dozen people have been in and out since i arrived. i peg this to be more a morning/weekday café. i’ll have to come back again. next door are boutiques and fun shops.. this was the perfect place for me to spend this rainy afternoon. and i’m looking forward to more adventures just like it.


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