wonder in washington.

i sit looking out the window in this giant airplane and i feel again the great power of this world. after spending the weekend in DC, i am feeling more patriotic than ever; i am incredibly thankful to be a citizen of the united states of america.

and just like i felt as i traveled by bus along the eastern coast of argentina last year, i feel like one small grain of sand. and i am curious as to what all of the other people of this world are doing right now. who today woke up cancer free? who today woke up and gave birth to a new baby? who woke up today with a call saying their loved one is coming home from fighting overseas? who met their future husband or wife today? we will never know. and as scary as it might seem, there is incredible wonder in the possibilities.

although my flight on the way out to baltimore was delayed, the train from baltimore to dc was delayed, and there were plenty of other hysterical moments during our trip this weekend [more of those to come..], the immense tropical storm rolling onto the east coast didn’t put too much of a damper on our flight. opening the window, i see the sun shining. below, i see city upon city. abounding life. rivers, farms, quaint houses, and city blocks. there is wonder in all of this, too. wonder in the potential that somehow – for some through two degrees of separation, and for others six degrees of separation – i could know all of these people. and although it is unlikely at best, the potential is all i need.

and that brings me right back to my new found patriotism. out country is large, free, and full of wonderful people. dc is the prime example of the grandeur of our nation. people from all around the world come to witness the greatness of our nation. and even american citizens like myself marvel in the seemingly foreign magic of our nation’s capital. we, together, marvel at the commanding presence of the man who freed our slaves, the strength and prominence of the washington monument, the excellence of the capitol building, and so much more. dc is truly extraordinary. and frankly, so is this world: perfectly chaotic and remarkably full of wonder.


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