t minus 108 days (re-write: HINDSIGHT)

the daily writing promt from wordpress’ the daily post sparked my interest tonight. the challenge? re-write your first blog post.

the original post? a rambling about my countdown to my trip to argentina.

and the re-write? here goes nothing.

one hundred and eight days until the best five months of my life. this has to be the most incredible soon-to-be adventure life has thrown my way and i can’t wait to see what it has in store. opening my acceptance letter this morning was one of the best birthday gifts i could have received. after all, we should strive to collect moments, not things. hard? yes. worth it? YES.

it’s official- for five months i will call the city of mendoza, argentina my home. and i will fall in love with the city, the people, the language, and again with my life. i will be the happiest, most adventurous person i’ve been all my life.

blogging WILL be the best thing for me. it will be a place for me to boast about the good days, to complain about the bad days, and to virtually share all of my adventures with those i love. blogging will transform me. it will give me a space to explore my writing, my feelings, and myself. at first this blog will explore my life in a new country, new situations, and a new language. little do i know it will become a sort of passion. a sort of release. (DAD, did you hear that?) keep up with me here. get excited with me as a i prepare for what will be the most growth filled, transformative, energizing, sense-arousing, and rewarding experience of my life.

can you do this with your first blog post? I DARE YOU.


2 thoughts on “t minus 108 days (re-write: HINDSIGHT)

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