“we accept the love we think we deserve.”

all too true, this lovely excerpt from the perks of being a wallflower, isn’t it?

brené brown has even more insight into this topic. a look into courage, connection, and the human struggle with vulnerability.

in the past week, i’ve failed more than i have in a long time. i’m learning to be okay with that. i’m learning to embrace imperfection. i’m learning to pick myself back up – and to let other people help me do so.

be vulnerably seen. practice gratitude and joy. believe you are enough. say you’re sorry. fix it. start listening. be kinder and gentler to yourself.

WHY? because in the end, to feel this vulnerable means you’re alive.

a GOOD reminder.

this video is a good and timely reminder for me.

a reminder of why i renamed this blog. a reminder of the incredibly minute slice of this world i make up. a reminder of the beauty this world shares with us everyday. a reminder that often, we take this beauty for granted.

a reminder that i truly am no more than ONE SMALL GRAIN OF SAND.

thanks GOOD, for the inspiration.

daily prompt: ready set go [versión español]

a goal of mine is to work on developing my translation skills. translation of three things: literature, news sources, and audio material (speeches and real live conversations), too.  my spanish teacher gave me a book of short stories to translate (both from english to spanish and spanish to english). so, literature – covered. one could spend HOURS translating one piece to ensure that the style fits the language it is being translated into. but today’s daily prompt is the perfect opportunity to get myself translating. and translating quickly.

here’s my attempt at translating news sources. ten minutes. one news article. one draft. here goes nothing.

abogado de las bebidas: el limite de las bebidas en Nueva York es malo para el público:

NUEVA YORK – el limite del tamaño de bebidas de azucar en una infringement extraordinaria en la elección que tienen los consumidores, dicce un abogado para la Associación de Bebidas Americans y otros criticos en el corte este miercoles. Opponentes tambien tienen preguntas de justicia racial mientras está restricción llega al corte.

la branch del estado de nueva york de la associción para el advancimiento de las personas de color y la federacion hispanica han unidos la esfuerza de los que procesan las bebidas en parar los efectos de la reglar pleanado para tomar efecto el 12 de marzo.

los criticos estan atacando lo que llaman una regulación inconsistente y indemocratico, mientras officiales de la ciudad y expertos de la salud la defendan como una manera de luchar contra la obesidad.

[los de nueva york no queieren que aliguen les diga lo que deben beber], dijo el abogado James Brant al justice Milton Tingling del corte supreme estatal de Manhattan.

La problema es compleja para los advocates minoridades.

10 minutes stops here. i didn’t get through more than four paragraphs of this article. i have italicized words that i couldn’t come up with during my speed write. i’m posting this now for the sake of the prompt. but i will most likely come back here and edit, add, and republish. translation is tough.

daily prompt: this is your life

If you could read a book containing all that has happened and will ever happen in your life, would you? If you choose to read it, you must read it cover to cover. 

an interesting possibility; to be able to pick up a book and read about your life. reading about the past is one thing. but reading about my future scares me a little bit.

abraham lincoln once said “the best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time”, and i believe there is so much truth and so much power in that statement. i don’t ever want to live for potentially unfulfilled expectations. think about how differently each one of us interprets what we read (take the BIBLE, for example). what happens if i read about the 30th year of my life and i think it is going to be one of the worst years. when that years comes around, however, i may be surprised at the hidden excellence – excellence that simply couldn’t or wasn’t portrayed in my life’s novel. but i will have wasted my time during my earlier years, anxious for that terrible, horrible, no good very bad year. and that would be unfortunate.

and then again, reading about the past kind of scares me too. what would my past look like on paper? would  my accomplishments be great ones, would my failures be inexcusable? would it read just like i had lived it? would i be dumbfounded by the simplicity of my daily tasks?

so many questions arise from the potential to be able to read my life’s story: how many pages would it be? would it be a comedy, a romance novel, a mystery book or just a simple biography? who are the main characters 2 years from now, 5 years from now, 10 years from now? will it be one long novel or should it be broken up into a series of four or five? does each chapter cover a year of time? how does it end?

and most importantly: would anyone else want to read it? i sure hope so.

frankly, i believe all of that should be left as a mystery.

que bárbaro, mga kaibigan.

i could not have a bigger smile on  my face right now. argentina & the philippines: two of the countries in this world closest to my heart. zengo: a restaurant i’ve only been to once, but one i absolutely love. it is amazing what food can do to bring you back to the places you love. as soon as i imagine the empanadas from the store around the corners from susy’s house, all of the memories come flying back. each time i think about the chicken adobo and lumpia so perfectly crafted by ate tining, i am overwhelmed with joy. food is powerful.

which brings me to the root  reason for this post. every few months, zengo adds to (or rotates) its regular menu of latin-asian fusion cuisine. from now until march 31st, they are featuring a few dishes incorporating argentine and filipino palates. que bárbaro, mga kaibigan. how wonderful, my friends.

check out the menu here! the featured cocktails and dishes served everyday after 5pm include everything from calamansi-papaya punch to filipino lumpia spring rolls to tagalog style churrasco steak. all of these sound fabulous.

and although the prices are somewhat steep i have to warn you (although i assure you, WELL worth it), this will undoubtedly have to be one of my thirteen in thirteen.