foto del día – 10.16.11

Spring is in full swing here in Mendoza. Flowers all around are blooming like crazy. The walls of our backyard are completely covered in bright green leaves, the bouganvilla plant in the front yard is getting massive. It just feels more like Spring around here and I’m loving it. Its getting hotter. That I don’t love so much. The desert climate makes it extremely warm during the day but brings the temperature down quite a bit at night still. I’m still learning how to dress properly for my sometimes twelve hour days away from home.

Here’s a little glimpse at how much things have changed here in the past month or so! Same bodega, clearly a different season.

foto del día – 8.26.11

The Chilenos are in town, and they brought their chilean slang. Five students from DU, including one of my best friends, Kristin (pictured above) are here in Argentina this weekend. Because of the nationwide shutdown that occurred on Wednesday and Thursday as a result of the national riots for better public education, the IFSA students studying in Valparaiso were given a five day weekend. So, instead of sitting on their couches and watching countless hours of trashy US television online, they decided to make the what turned out to be eleven hour bus ride across the Andes. Yesterday, they got to spend some time walking around the city, checking out local restaurants and a chocolate factory. Today, they are headed to Portreillos to hike and do the zip-line tour that I did a couple weeks ago. Tomorrow they have a bodega tour planned that includes a couple local vineyards and an olive oil farm. A few of us who live here in Mendoza are going along for the ride!

It’s so nice to have visitors in South America and see familiar faces! When Kristin and I sat down in our freshman seminar class about Popular Poetry two years ago, I never would have thought we would meet up in South America. But, here we are, speaking Spanish, eating empanadas and laughing over a wonderful glass of Argentine vino.