foto del día – 11.7.11

my beautiful friend shelby and i hiking the the valle grande of san rafael, mendoza province, argentina.

this weekend we went on a IFSA sponsored excursion. highlights included: staying in beautiful cabins in the valley, swimming in the man-made lake, nighttime mafia games, trekking through the valle grande and learning about the geography of the area, running down the sand dunes, rafting down the río atuel, constantly eating, and last but not least having a broken down bus along the highway in the middle of nowhere as the sun is setting and a storm is approaching.

foto del día – 7.27.11

parque san martin.

This wonderful park (El Parque San Martin) is less than a block from my house. One of the universities where we will be taking classes is located within the park; no more than a ten minute, 1,40$AR ($0.34) bus ride from my house.