que bárbaro, mga kaibigan.

i could not have a bigger smile on  my face right now. argentina & the philippines: two of the countries in this world closest to my heart. zengo: a restaurant i’ve only been to once, but one i absolutely love. it is amazing what food can do to bring you back to the places you love. as soon as i imagine the empanadas from the store around the corners from susy’s house, all of the memories come flying back. each time i think about the chicken adobo and lumpia so perfectly crafted by ate tining, i am overwhelmed with joy. food is powerful.

which brings me to the root  reason for this post. every few months, zengo adds to (or rotates) its regular menu of latin-asian fusion cuisine. from now until march 31st, they are featuring a few dishes incorporating argentine and filipino palates. que bárbaro, mga kaibigan. how wonderful, my friends.

check out the menu here! the featured cocktails and dishes served everyday after 5pm include everything from calamansi-papaya punch to filipino lumpia spring rolls to tagalog style churrasco steak. all of these sound fabulous.

and although the prices are somewhat steep i have to warn you (although i assure you, WELL worth it), this will undoubtedly have to be one of my thirteen in thirteen.


thirteen in thirteen

i love living near the city, denver specifically. part of the reason? there is so much unknown space, so much room to explore, to learn, and to jump outside of my comfort zone. i love exploring new shops, i love sipping on lattes, new coffee shops, and sipping on cocktails at new happy hours. but most of all, i love pleasing my palate at new restaurants.

for 2013, i’m going to try to try thirteen new restaurants – and i’m going to write about them. i’m going to share the sights, the sounds, the scenes, the service, and my overall satisfaction. one every month and two during one month i’m feeling extra adventurous (or my pocketbook is feeling more flexible).

i have a few on my list already; here they are. a few other ideas are stewing. recommended dishes, required edits, or places to add to this list are all greatly appreciated!

i’ll be needing fellow foodies, let me know if you’d like to join in on the fun!

  1. trattoria stella
  2. central bistro and bar
  3. lucille’s creole café
  4. duo (people rave about their BRUNCH!)

FYI, i’d love to see a great authentic mexican restaurant, a thai restaurant, and a killer pizza restaurant added to this list!

and, if all goes well with my restaurant explorations, i’ll move on to coffee shops, happy hours, ice cream shops, food trucks, wine bars, etc. this could be fun.

if this quote doesn't explain my reasoning behind thirteen in thirteen, i don't know what does.

if this quote doesn’t explain my reasoning behind thirteen in thirteen, i don’t know what does.