foto del día 7.23.11

As we were venturing around this wonderful city of Buenos Aires, I couldn’t help but think how cool it would be to have a ‘foto del día‘ or a picture of the day thoughout the course of my 5 months is South America. I will try to post a foto as often as I can so that all of you reading this blog, wherever you are in the world, can share in the beauty Argentina.

This picture is from the barrio or neighborhood called La Boca, (the mouth) for its location on the Rio de la Plata. Here is my understanding of the history of La Boca (according to our incredibly handsome tour guide, Marcelo); La Boca is very well known for its colorful houses AND of course their fútbol team, the Boca Juniors who are international superstars, apparently. When the barrio was first being constructed, the locals would approach owners of ships parked in the harbor to see if they had any paint on board. Becaue the ships themselves had been travelling and doing their own work, most of the time, they only had cans of paint with little paint remaining. With that, the locals they painted sections of their houses, whatever they could. After painting just a small portion of their house, they continued through the port and asked other ship owners for more paint. Again, they were given just a small amount, whatever was left – and continued to paint their houses until they were fantastically colorful; doors one color, windows another. La Boca, also an energetic tango neighborhood has become a staple for visiting tourists and locals alike.

¡Hasta Pronto!