sandbox soiree.

i obviously haven’t written here for a while. why? i’ll be honest. it has been hard for me, since my return to america, to find adventure and excitement in a familiar place. and maybe it sounds snotty, stuck-up, and a little pretentious, but i’m just being honest: when you go from exploring the very foreign, always interesting, hysterically busy streets of south america, the steets of denver feel somewhat boring. and at least to me, they often don’t seem blog worthy.

last weekend, two of my roommates, katie and paige, katie’s mom, and katie’s sister spent saturday exploring a new neighborhood in denver. the highland’s, one of denver’s up and coming hip neighborhoods is full of surprises and adventure. we found a bread shop, a wine shop, a cheese shop, a stationary shop, a cupcake bakery, a mexican restaurant, a bookstore, and a few cute boutiques. and i’m sure we left a lot unexplored. that afternoon we made a drive to loveland, a town about 45 minutes from denver, to explore katie’s cousin’s brewery – the long awaited results of college dorm-room brewing experimentation. it’s expeditions like these that make me realize i need to be more thankful for the adventure waiting for me in my own backyard. after all, isn’t that what we did as little ones? the sandbox and the swingset were foreign lands, full of mystery and hours worth of fun. the perfect place for a soiree.

so here’s to changing my attitude, to being a kid again, to having soiree’s in the sandbox, and most importantly, here’s to being fascinated by the familiar.

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the brilliance behind the barrel: an experiment in all things wine.

i’m starting something new; an experiment. an experiment in all things wine. tasting, pairing, buying, traveling, cooking and more.

check it out, let me know what you think. i’d love ideas about what YOU’RE dying to know.