foto del día – 10.16.11

Spring is in full swing here in Mendoza. Flowers all around are blooming like crazy. The walls of our backyard are completely covered in bright green leaves, the bouganvilla plant in the front yard is getting massive. It just feels more like Spring around here and I’m loving it. Its getting hotter. That I don’t love so much. The desert climate makes it extremely warm during the day but brings the temperature down quite a bit at night still. I’m still learning how to dress properly for my sometimes twelve hour days away from home.

Here’s a little glimpse at how much things have changed here in the past month or so! Same bodega, clearly a different season.

foto del día – 9.20.11

Spring officially starts tomorrow. I am obsessed with all of the beautiful flowers that are starting to bloom around the yard. Susy says that in just a couple weeks all of the walls in both the front and back gardens will be covered in flowers just like this. My camera and I can’t wait.

//Mom and Dad do you remember all of these we had in the Philippines? I can’t come up with the name right now, but I remember loving them.