foto del día – 8.13.11

Thanks to the Arrayanes Instituto de Alta Gastronomia, I’m now officially trained (certificate available upon request) in preparing a few of Argentina’s most popular dishes. The menu, all prepared by myself and the other IFSA students, went as follows:

Appetizer: traditional Mendocianan empanadas filled with beef, hard boiled egg, and one black olive each and rolled to (im)perfection.

Main Course: Bife de Chorizo con chimichurri y papas al horno (Beef with chimichurri sause and baked french fries)

Dessert: Flan con Dulce de Leche

–A few of my classmates and I, waiting outside impatiently for our food to finish cooking inside the insitute!

foto del día – 8.6.11

A day by day calendar from 1997 of the incredibly popular comic strip character, Mafalda; Argentina’s very own Charlie Brown. We ran into this, a bunch of other fabulous antiques AND 50 cent empanadas in a cute part of town close to the bus station (after we basically sprinted there only to find out there wasn’t any more spots on the bus – we’ll try again tomorrow!)